"Breaks barriers, inspires thought, actionable."

"Breaks barriers, thought provoking, actionable."

When your audience is ready  for that spark that inspires change... 

Joanna provides you with the beacon of light with tools, tips and techniques that provoke transformation. 

The Wellness Renegade

Four Reasons to hire Joanna


Break barriers

Intuition in the workplace is now being seen as an incredible tool that, when developed and enhanced, will allow executives and employees alike to tap into their own inner genius and think outside of the box.


Intuitive Descision Making

Taking action and making descisions with incomplete data is one of the most challenging aspects of any executives job. Shape your organziation by recognizing the power of Intuition to bolster the descision making process to ensure success. 


Actionable outcomes

Development of leaders, quick, successful descions making, greater job satisfaction,  motivated employees, exogenous, strategic thinking will all be increased when Intuition is utlized on a daily basis within the workforce.  Learn the 4 Step Process.


Unique perspective

Logic does not rule out the use of Intuition within the workforce.  Intuition bridges the gap between the conscious and subconscious minds, it draws from our wisdom, knowledge and innate understanding of body language.  It is the tool that our greatest leaders recognize and utilize and it will allow you to  tap into your organizations greatest potential - your employees.

Joanna Speaks on the Following Topics, and more.....

Honoring Stress

You can't change the world around you but you can change the way you view it - learn the tools to reduce stress in life and the workplace and you will change your life.

Leadership Development

True leaders recognize, develop and trust their intuition in themselves and those surrounding them


Develop and trust your own inner genius, your own inner wisdom, to create the life you dream of.