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As a Classical Homeopath and a Holistic Nutritionist, Joanna’s stance as an outspoken advocate for natural health and alternative therapies has earned her the title “The Wellness Renegade”.

Joanna believes strongly that we as humans are designed to heal ourselves, and she guides each of her patients as they achieve their health and wellness goals, providing the tools they need to complete the process.

What people are saying about Joanna …

I was honoured and excited to share the stage with Joanna at an amazing conference this year. Joanna took the stage with confidence and charisma. She engaged with the audience, delivering a message of health and hope. Joanna’s message is one that all audiences need to hear. With great tools, and an action plan to help move anyone who is stuck on their path to health and wellness. Joanna is the speaker to stage. She will leave your audience wanting more every time.

Sarah Hilton

World Class Speakers Coach, Spoken Advantage

Joanna speaks on the following topics and more

How to Transform Your Life from Bland to Beautiful

Strategies that work to help you discover a more colorful and enriched life.

Discover the True Connection Between Mood and Food

How nutritional choices can help or hinder your mindset and mental health.

Why Affirmations Don’t Work for Everyone

How to create and use affirmations correctly so you can retrain your brain in the right way.

Overwhelmed with Just about Everything? There is a Way Through

How small changes in your life can bring about peace, happiness, and better sleep.

Unlocking Energy and Enthusiasm at the Office

How employers can use effective health and wellness programs to unlock potential and productivity.

How Your “Stress Response” Plays Havoc with Your Health

Better ways to react to stress so it doesn’t wreck your physical and mental health.

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