"Breaks Barriers, Electrifying, Actionable"

When your audience is ready for that spark that inspires change … Joanna provides a beacon of light with tools, tips, and techniques that will provoke transformations

Meet Joanna, The Wellness Renegade

Joanna Rogister is a Speaker, Author, and Wellness Coach who is passionate about helping her audiences and patients find MORE in their lives.

In her presentations, Joanna reaches out to the audience with engaging stories and exercises, and leaves them with an understanding of how to step forward to truly become the best version of themselves. Audiences are given tools and techniques to take the first step towards affecting positive change in all areas of their lives.

Her years of working in the corporate world and then running a successful homeopathy and nutrition practice has created a uncommon bridge between the business and wellness worlds. From this perspective,  Joanna’s stance as an outspoken advocate for alternative therapies has earned her the title “Wellness Renegade”.  

To back this all up, her book, The Magnificence of Magenta, offers unique insights into how we can all work at healing ourselves in order to secure a more joyful, peaceful and healthy lifestyle.

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5 Reasons to Hire Joanna

Audiences are empowered to affect change in their lives.

Joanna provides a process that is effective and actionable.

Joanna has great stories to tell that engage her audience.

Having worked in both the corporate world and the health service industry, Joanna’s is able to engage all audience members.

Not only is everyone inspired and energized, they have a better understanding of what their next step could be to evoke change.

What people are saying about Joanna …

I was honoured and excited to share the stage with Joanna at an amazing conference this year. She took the stage with confidence & charisma. She engaged with the audience, delivering a message of health and hope. Her message is one that all audiences need to hear, with great tools and an action plan to help move anyone who is stuck on their path to health and wellness. Joanna is the speaker to stage. She’ll leave your audience wanting more every time.

Sarah Hilton

World Class Speakers Coach, Spoken Advantage

I had the absolute pleasure of hearing Joanna speak recently. She is an engaging and authentic speaker who has the unique ability to draw in her audience, have them re-examine their beliefs about wellness and provide them with actionable strategies that can be implemented immediately. Her energy and passion inspired me to make positive changes on my own path to wellness. Thank you Joanna for sharing your vast knowledge and insights. 

Susan Kovacs

The Game Changer

Joanna speaks on the following topics and more

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Change the way you recognize stress, change your life

Leadership Evolution

True leaders recognize, develop and trust their intuition in themselves and those surrounding them


The spark that ignites a vibrant life

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