When you realize you want MORE …

Journey with Joanna Rogister to bring greater awareness of what matters to you and create a path to get more out of life.

Pinpoint Session for Natural Healing

  • This session focuses on finding a solution to your most pressing worry, pain, illness, or mental state, whatever is keeping you from naturally enjoying your life and health.
  • This individual consulting-coaching session is fully customized and completely confidential, and includes an in-depth assessment of the current state of your body, mind, spirit, and life situation.
  • The objective is to pinpoint the right solution for you, which may include one or more targeted alternative therapies or holistic remedy, to help you to return to a balanced and natural state of health and vitality.


90 minute consulting-coaching session with solution plus a follow-up phone check-in to ensure progress.

Invest in your Health: $247 CDN + HST

Return to Vitality – 3 Month Coaching Combo

  • This 3-month package provides ongoing support if you have experienced emotional, physical or mental trauma, and you just can’t overcome it on your own.
  • You may be experiencing distressing symptoms that are keeping you from sleeping, enjoying life, or maintaining your work schedule or relationships.
  • This package includes up to 10 individualized consulting-coaching combined sessions (50 minutes each) over a 3-month period, and the objective is to teach you how to heal yourself using one or more targeted alternative or holistic therapies, so you can return to a balanced, natural, and strong state of health and vitality.


Return to Vitality – 3 Month Coaching Combo with ongoing life solutions that build on each other.

Invest in your Health: $995 CDN + HST

Find the Color of your Soul – 6 Month Self-Discovery Path

  • If something is missing in your life, and you would like to have “more” — this path will help you completely re-engineer your life to have “more”, while rediscovering the true color of your soul.
  • Attend 20 personalized consulting-coaching sessions (50 minutes) spread out over 6 months, so you can learn how to tap into your own healing power, return to full energy and vitality, and live your life fully with passion and purpose.
  • Develop the tools and confidence to become your most authentic self, the person you know is inside of you but you never had the faith to allow to shine up until now.


Find the Color of your Soul – 6 Month Self-Discovery Path with practical life solutions that work as you step into your life’s purpose.

Invest in your Future: $1,850 CDN + HST

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