Holiday season, flu season, the cold of winter are just around the corner and staying healthy during these seasons is important for everyone.  Taking simple and easy steps to boost your immune system, with nutritional and lifestyle changes, is possible when you know what to do.

Where to start…

Lifestyle changes such as meditation, exercise (just get out for a 10 min walk each day), and trying to simplify your life  will reduce stress.

Have you listened to the way you talk to yourself lately?   Pay attention to your thoughts – affirmations can help you move away from a negative thought loop and change your health.

Our diets can be enhanced with supplements however, there are also simple changes that we can make to our nutrition plans to ensure that we are able to get the majority of the nutrients that we need from our diets.

Immune System Boosters

The following is a list of steps that you can take to boost your immune system so that you  can focus on enjoying the upcoming seasons with as much energy and stamina as possible.

  1. Get a good night’s sleep – we are more prone to colds and other infections when we are not getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to higher levels of stress hormones in our bodies making it more difficult for our bodies to fight off infections.
  2. Consume probiotics – we all have bacteria in and on our bodies however, when there are insufficient levels of good bacteria in our guts we are unable to fight off the bad bacteria. Consuming yogurt or other fermented foods, for most people, will not provide us with enough probiotics so we need to take in supplements.  These can be purchased in most larger grocery stores and health food stores and should be refrigerated.
  3. Healthy foods – ginger, garlic, turmeric, oats and barley, Japanese mushrooms, kale, pomegranate, pumpkin seeds are all foods that are rich in nutrients to support your body and your immune system.
  4. Oil of oregano – will improve your gut health and boost your immune system. (A little goes a long way with Oil of Oregano).
  5. Homeopathy – all homeopathic remedies will boost your immune system so that your body can heal itself.

Your bodies is designed to heal itself, you have just forgotten how to listen to it.

Small changes can have a big impact.

What is the best thing for you to do?   This is challenging to define as we are all so biologically individual – it will depend.   Book an appointment now for a consultation to help guide you to discover what will work best for you, to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

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