Developing Your Intuition

Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Once you have come to recognize what your intuition looks like and have started to trust it more, you can then begin to explore that inner wisdom.

This workshop will help you to further develop your intuition, carrying it into all areas of your life so that you can start to live the life you have dreamed of.

This workshop is the follow-up workshop to Becoming Intuitive**

We are all intuitive beings, but we have learnt to ignore or suppress our intuition, or we call it something different.

Your intuition helps make your life run more smoothly. If you understand that your intuition is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets, then developing your intuition will improve your life.

Coming from a very logical, corporate world, an event forced me to stop and take a look at what was going on and re-examine every aspect of my life. I came to recognize that I not only am an intuitive healer, but I am also an empath. I now share what I have learnt with others so that they too can embrace their intuitive abilities.

Spaces are limited to ensure that all attendees receive individual guidance.

** Participants must have taken the Becoming Intuitive Workshop or have spoken directly with Joanna Rogister before attending this class.

Event Location

The Hive London
1350 Wharnecliffe Road South
London, ONN6L 1G9

Event Fees

Developing Your Intuitive – OCT
CAD 47.00