My blog on Western Medicine Doesn’t Always Make Sense seems to have drawn a lot of interest. It seems to me, through my discussions with clients and the general public, that people are desperately seeking to educate themselves about their own health.

This seems to be coming about for a variety of reasons. Obviously from my blog, a lot of people are really tired about the way that western medicine practitioners are handling their health. People want their doctors to listen to them and consider the issues they are presenting and actually consider their opinions.

There are some really great doctors out there that do listen to their clients. I am very fortunate to have one that does and who is open to discussing alternative therapies. Other doctors are very comfortable referring to alternative therapy providers. Unfortunately, these open minded doctors are sometimes difficult to find.

Be prepared when you go to your doctor to present the research that you have completed in a logical manner. Just saying that you saw it on a television show or heard about it on a radio show is not enough.

A lot of people/practitioners consider alternative therapies to be too “out there” and write off the therapy without even considering it. If your doctor is not willing to consider alternatives and you feel that the therapies will help you then be prepared to look for a new doctor. Some doctors will refuse to keep you on as a client if you refuse their recommendations.

It will take time and research to find, often through word of mouth, to find a practitioner that works with you and, in this day and age, is willing to take on new clients. The search is worth it though. Your health is worth it.

Upcoming blogs will discuss some of the alternative therapies that are available such as Holistic Nutrition, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and Homeopathic Medicine.


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