Do you feel like you are all alone?

The more I talk to people, the more I hear that they feel lonely – whether they are in a group of friends, in a crowd, or at home by themselves.  They feel alone.

We have become so disconnected.

Did you know that kids consume over 10 hours and 45 minutes a day on media in its different forms – online reading, watching movies, Facebook, Snapchat, reading magazines, etc., etc.  This number astounds me.  But, it’s not just kids.  Adults are just as guilty.

This lack of interaction, physically, is creating a world of us vs. them.  Politically – Liberal vs. Conservative, Democrat vs. Republican, Millennials vs. Baby Boomers, introvert vs. extrovert, the list goes on.

Our world is becoming partisan, solitary; we are moving away from what, in part, makes us human – our support groups, our communities.  Whatever that looks like to you – family, friends, social group, school group, any group of people that you actually connect with in real time, not online.

The effect that I see in my practice as an Intuitively Guided Wellness Coach, is that a lot of people feel stuck.  They don’t feel that they have anyone to turn to, to talk about how lonely they feel.  They don’t want to be judged, so they don’t open up.

I spent a lot of time in that space myself.  Trying to be the perfect mother, perfect employee, perfect wife, but not feeling like I was a success at any of those roles.   I eventually became completely overwhelmed with life and developed a life changing disease.

I now see that disease as a gift, as it forced me to stop and take a look at what was going on in my world, to start to pay attention to what my body was telling me, what my thoughts were and to notice what my emotional triggers were.  This will often happen if you are living a life that is not what your soul wants for you.

Soul Work

When you have moved away from your true purpose in life, away from what your soul knows will bring your purpose and happiness, it starts tapping you on the shoulder.   The first few taps are gentle – “hey, this is not what we had planned”.  For me, this was an increasing number of mildly irritating sore throats.  Then your soul starts tapping a little bit harder – I started getting those irritating coughs that last for a few weeks at a time.

I still wasn’t listening.  The Universe, my soul, tapped a little bit harder.  That is when I developed a life changing disease.  I probably had the symptoms of that disease for 3 or 4 months before I finally went to my doctor.

After being diagnosed, I started doing the research to see which natural therapies could help me release the disease.   I changed my diet, started to pay attention to the way I saw life and dealt with stress, and turned things around.  Within three months I came off the prescribed medications and I have never had an issue along that lines again.

Based on the research that I did, I also decided to go back to school for nutrition and then homeopathy – my life had changed.

Where to Begin

This adventure introduced me to a number of natural therapies such as Reiki, meditation, Therapeutic Touch, etc.   Experiencing and learning more about each of these therapies taught me more about myself and provided me with tools and techniques that I use for myself, but also teach my clients so that they can start to understand themselves better so that when stressful situations arise, they know which tool to use for themselves to deal with the situation.

“Stress is about how we react to a situation, when we can learn to respond, we can change our lives.”   ~ Joanna Rogister

  1. Start to journal – journal physical symptoms that you notice, your thoughts that you were focused on that day, emotional events that occurred – start to notice trends.
  2. Do a Food and Mood Diary – will help you start to notice how food affects you.
  3. Try therapies such as Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Yoga – which slow down the brain and the body.
  4. Begin meditating – start with 5 mins x2 day and work your way up. Guided meditations work quite well – you don’t have to clear your mind.
  5. Breathe – deep belly breaths – deep into your belly like a baby – practice 5 breaths, 5 times a day – this will also slow down your brain and your body and bring you back into the moment.

We are all designed to heal ourselves, we have just forgotten how.  The above steps will help you to be more present and more aware of yourself so that you can begin to recognize when there is an imbalance – mental, physical or emotional – and come to understand how to make adjustments, with natural therapies, to bring back balance.

“If we miss the moment, we miss the clues.  In the present, when we allow ourselves to fully live there,

we are restored, made wiser, made deeper and happier.”        ~ Marianne Williamson

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