Food Matters

Food matters. What you put into your body really does make a difference to how well you feel. These two statements may seem fairly obvious to some of you, however to a lot of people there is a real disconnect between what they eat and drink and how much energy they...

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Immune Boosting Vitamin D

Most of us know we need Vitamin D but are not really sure why or how much we should be consuming.  If you have had a series of infections lately, are afraid of catching a flu bug, have a history of heart problems or bone disease then you should ensure that you are...

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Educate Yourself About Your Health

My blog on Western Medicine Doesn’t Always Make Sense seems to have drawn a lot of interest. It seems to me, through my discussions with clients and the general public, that people are desperately seeking to educate themselves about their own health. This seems to be...

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Nutrition Myths and Misinformation

Whenever people hear that I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I am inundated with questions about what they should or should not be doing with their diets. I come away from these conversations thrilled that people are so interested in improving their health yet...

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