Through a remarkable journey of discovery, Joanna Rogister escaped from her colorless world and now shows other people how to do the same, how to bring color back into their lives and create a vibrant soul.

After all, why should you settle for a bland and boring life on this earth? Instead, pick up a copy of The Magnificence of Magenta and learn how alternative therapies and natural health practices can transform your life, beginning today.

Joanna Rogister’s new book THE MAGNIFICENCE OF MAGENTA: REDISCOVERING THE COLOR OF YOUR SOUL is both a memoir and a guidebook on how to take your own journey of self-discovery to honour and reconnect with the deepest desires of your soul.

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Known as The Wellness Renegade, Joanna inspires readers across the country to develop true vibrancy, deep happiness, and abiding peace.

Author Joanna Rogister adds a splash of color for all individuals who want to enjoy more from their lives with the launch of The Magnificence of Magenta in 2017.

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