There seems to be a lot more discussion lately about the importance of reducing the acidity of our bodies, but not many people are sure what that means or why they should be concerned about it.

We all had to take chemistry at some point in our lives, so you will remember that on the pH scale we have acid at the low end and alkaline at the high end. The higher the pH reading is, the more alkaline the body is and the greater the levels of oxygen are. Since oxygen is essential to our existence and our health, higher levels are definitely better.

Different fluids within our bodies have optimal pH levels and if you are below or above those levels then symptoms and diseases will start to present themselves. For example, the average pH level for blood is 6.8 – 7.8 and your saliva is 6.5 – 7.5. On average the ideal level for the body is a pH of 7.2.

Some of the benefits of maintaining a pH of 7.2 include: weight loss, reduced inflammation, increased energy, improvements in the health of your digestive system, increased stamina, a reduction in recovery time, and much, much more.

Processed foods, stressful lifestyles, animal based proteins, coffee, pop, and alcohol all increase the acidity levels within our bodies. Vegetables, fruits, green tea, and certain supplements will all improve the alkalinity of your body.

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