Anxiety affects approximately 12% of the Canadian population which amounts to 4.3 million people every year.  4.3 million people – to me, that is amazing.  This imbalance has a huge effect on our economy, our workforce and our families.

There are two big issues associated with anxiety that I would like to discuss.  One is that not everyone knows that they are experiencing anxiety AND, two, there are natural alternatives that can work really well at not only reducing the symptoms of anxiety but often relieving it altogether.

As a homeopath and a nutritionist, I see people all the time that are experiencing some symptoms of anxiety.  Those symptoms can include:  feelings of panic, fear, and uneasiness; problems sleeping; cold or sweaty hands or feet; shortness of breath: heart palpitations; not being able to be still and calm; dry mouth; numbness or tingling in the hands or feet; and the list goes on.

I experienced a mild form of anxiety for years without realizing it.  I was exhausted all the time, felt overwhelmed, stressed out, had problems sleeping and was just out of sorts a lot.

I also, for years, had low levels of iron in my blood (anemia) but had always been told by my doctor that I was in normal range so I was fine.  I did have iron levels in the normal range but in the low end of the normal range.

After switching to a new doctor, I had more blood tests done.  My “new” doctor advised me that while I was still in the low range, she would prefer that I be in at least the middle range recommended so she prescribed iron for me.

Within days of taking the iron pills, it was like the sun coming out from behind the clouds.  It really was amazing.  I had more energy, I slept better, I was happier.  The majority of symptoms went away when my iron levels returned to a sufficient level.

Prescription iron medicine, or non-prescription iron supplements can be very constipating so I soon learned which foods I needed to incorporate into my diet to keep my energy levels high.

I am not trying to tell you that relief from your anxiety is as simple as taking an iron supplement. However, I would like you to see that just because tests have shown that nutrient/hormone/other levels are in the “normal” range it doesn’t necessarily mean that there are no imbalances present.

So, there are lots of natural alternatives.  Most people and patient’s that I see that have taken anti-anxiety medicines, often for years, and have not been very successful in finding relief from their anxiety.  Often it has taken them at least trying 2 or 3 different types of medications before they get one that does alleviate some of the symptoms but there are a lot of side effects from the medications.

Homeopathic medicines have proven to be quite successful in assisting those that are dealing with anxiety symptoms.  Patient’s DO NOT have to come off their existing medications when taking homeopathic remedies.  The remedies instead work “underneath” or along side existing or conventional medications.

Working with your primary care provider, you will begin to reduce your conventional medications as you begin to feel better.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of anxiety, or any other mental imbalance such as depression, eating disorders, or any other imbalances, there are natural alternatives that can help.